Our Philosophy

We are accredited Australian Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG), performing advanced gynaecological surgeries at Norwest Private Hospital and delivering babies at Norwest Private, Westmead Private and Blacktown Public Hospitals. Our office is adjacent to Norwest Private Hospital, and is equipped with the latest in 3D ultrasound technology. Our team includes highly trained administration staff who make the process so easy, and our extremely popular practice midwife, Lyn, who also works in the labour ward at Norwest Private Hospital.

What makes this practice so successful and highly sought after is the excellence of the service delivery. Our team philosophy is driven by the idea that every patient in our care receives only the best care available. To achieve this goal, among other things, we tightly limit the number of deliveries per month. It goes without saying that many prospective patients will not secure a booking with us because of this approach. We like to give our patients all the time they need in scheduled appointments, so that no-one feels rushed. Your level of care is our first priority.

As more pregnant women are covered by health insurance than ever before, many are choosing private obstetricians for their primary care. They know that with their own chosen obstetrician, they are in the hands of an experienced professional, qualified and equipped to meet their every need during the pregnancy and birth process. We can assure you of capped deliveries, excellent care, peace of mind and attractive pricing. Not to mention the added advantage of a longer postnatal stay in the modern and very well-equipped chosen hospitals. It all makes great sense.

Choosing an obstetrician or gynaecologist is an important consideration to make. We would like you to look at the information provided on the internet, where many of our patients have provided a vast array of independent and objective feedback as testament to the excellent treatment they experienced in our care.

We look forward to seeing you at your first visit.